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DeepVault is a blockchain notary that allows you to store file validation credentials (hashes of files) within the blockchain. The ability to verify your files' integrity has innumerable benefits and can be applied almost all scenarios.
Creative Arts

Do you create your own Intellectual Property? Does your financial survival depend on your ability to prove its authenticity and guarantee its integrity? DeepVault protects your work against theft, counterfeiting, and corporate espionage.


Ensuring that your records are accurate and untampered with is crucial for financial integrity. The FSC and other financial authorities mandate that your documents are unchanged after submission and accurately reflect your client's finances.


A business is highly dependent on their data and services. Businesses find it difficult to recover data from incidents related to data theft and loss. Safeguard your files and prove that you created and own your documents using DeepVault.

Developers and Corporations

Register your code within the DeepOnion blockchain so that you can prove you created it. In a highly counterfeited environment, this is an important service to prove its authenticity and ownership. Register your code now with DeepVault.


You are bound by law to protect your patient's confidential medical records. Why not store the hashes of those document's in an immutable blockchain, protecting both your patients and yourself from medical negligence claims?


Vast sums of money and time are placed upon scientific projects. This data is crucial to technological advancements and needs to be protected. DeepVault protects your data from tampering by storing an immutable snapshot of your data.

DeepVault uses advanced blockchain technology.

Protect Yourself in the Digital Era

DeepVault will be invaluable in checking whether your essential documents are secure and have not been tampered with. With DeepVault we offer file security. Your files never leave your computer and are never uploaded to our server. Your browser processes the data. DeepVault is an Online Notary service that uses an advanced hashing process and file verification process. The hashing process used is the secure and trusted SHA-256 algorithm.

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We developed DeepVault to be easy to use.


Browse file

Browse the file you would like to register into the DeepOnion blockchain. It can be any file type and under 100MB.



That is all you need to do. There is no step 2. Our web application will quickly register your file's hash to the blockchain.


Verify my file

You can now verify your file using our web application or the DeepOnion wallet. Your file's hash will always be on the blockchain.

Notarize proof of ownership of any digital file
Intellectual Property

DeepVault allows you to easily protect your intellectual property. You can now stay safe from theft, know if your files are corrupted or have been changed without your consent.


Protect yourself with legally admissible evidence that is backed by industry leading SHA-256 cryptographic hashing standards.

Lowest Cost

DeepVault verification means you can protect your work in a cost-effective and timely fashion way. Your data is not stored on the blockchain, only the hash of the file.

Protect Your Work

Add your file to DeepVault and store it immutably in the DeepOnion blockchain. This provides an immutable timestamp enabling you to guarantee a file's creation date and state.

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View our frequently asked questions.
No, documents are not uploaded on our servers. They are processed locally in your browser to derive the appropriate cryptographic SHA256 hash imprint required for authenticating.
This would be impossible to view the contents of the documents with just a hash imprint. You can read more about Cryptographic Hash on Wikipedia.
Yes, you can easily prove you are the original owner of the file using our DeepVault notary service.
The SHA256 hash got locally from the client's program for a specific archive is transmitted to the DeepVault server. A bitcoin exchange including a call of the 'OP_RETURN' type is done with a specific end goal to post this hash on the blockchain. What might as well be called the ASCII content 'DV##' (proportional to hex '57540414d50242353') is likewise included toward the start of the hash. The 'OP_RETURN' sort of exchange has been provisioned by the bitcoin designers group keeping in mind the end goal to permit the likelihood of posting information on the exchanges incorporated into the blockchain open record.
The current cost is only 0.001 ONION currency per file. This is a very low fee unmatchable by our competitors.
The hashing process takes seconds to complete. This is leading edge cryptographic hashing technology unrivaled by any of our competitors.
Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with all your questions.
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Dedicated Customer Support.

Contact us with any questions you may have about DeepVault, and we will be happy to assist you. Here you can also view some of the frequently asked questions.

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